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Woman wallows in sorrow, rolls on ground as husband’s ‘THING’ reportedly goes missing (Video)

Woman wallows in sorrow, rolls on ground as husband's 'THING' reportedly goes missing -VIDEO
  • A woman was left in severe pain after her husband’s manhood reportedly went missing.
  • In the clip, the woman could be seen rolling on the ground as she expressed her misery.
  • Netizens however dropped comments as regards the unfortunate incident.

A video making the rounds online captures the moment a woman wailed uncontrollably after her husband’s manhood went missing.

In the clip, the woman could be seen rolling helplessly on the floor while a voice and caption on the video disclosed that she’s the wife of the man whose reproductive organ disappeared.

On-lookers who appeared surprised by the incident stood afar as they watched the heartbroken lady.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, One _peaceful_baddie wrote: “The preeq must be very big for the wife to be behaving like earthworm lmao”

dat_orogun_boy wrote:  “Na the only thing wey dey give this woman joy for the marriage lost so.”

_chysome wrote:  “I cover y’all mans preeq with the blood of Jesus “

nora_okeke wrote:  “This thing is actually getting real these days I don’t want to laugh but the wife’s reaction tho .”

obioraokon wrote: “This sounds funny to most of you, till you’re in her condition. This is actually heartbreaking .”

In a similar occurrence, an uproar of disorder and bedlam erupted within a Nigerian neighborhood when a mother’s desperate plea for assistance echoed through the community.

She cried out to her fellow residents to assist in reclaiming her son’s male reproductive organ from a suspected ritualist who is believed to have stolen it.

The distraught woman’s anguished cries filled the air, her body leaping chaotically on murky waters, while her daughter and concerned neighbors tried to comfort her.

The lady narrator behind the video recording, relayed that the alleged ritualist was ushered into an enclosed chamber within the building captured in the clip.

She managed to capture the face of the suspected ritualist positioned among some men striving to cajole and beseech him into returning the young boy’s genitalia.

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