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“Too risky” – Video of Lizzy Gold shooting film in river gets people talking

"Too risky" - Video of Lizzy Gold shooting film in river gets people talking
  • Nollywood star Lizzy Gold has caused a stir online with a video of her filming a movie in a river. 
  • In the circulating clip, Lizzy Gold, seemingly portraying the character of a water goddess was dressed in white attire as she stood in the river.
  • Accompanied by two men, she was carefully guided, yet visibly uneasy, especially after being instructed to submerge her face underwater.
  • The video has elicited diverse comments online, with many criticizing the risky practices of actors and filmmakers.

Famous Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold has triggered a buzz online over a video of her shooting a movie in a river.

There’s no doubt that Junior Pope’s death has created awareness about the dangers of shooting in riverine areas without taking adequate measures.

The actor had died in a boat crash alongside 4 crew members while passing through Anam River in Anambra.

In the clip making rounds online, Lizzy Gold who appeared to be playing the role of a water goddess dressed in a white outfit was made to enter the river.

She was accompanied by 2 men who closely held and guided her but she couldn’t still help fidgetting especially after she was told to bury her face in the water for moments.

The video triggered a variety of comments online from netizens who condemned the risk taken by the actors and filmmakers.

One @judithomotuyole wrote: “If the real owner of that water come out now them go japa like goats.”

yash_gold_coding wrote: “Untop how much? It reach 50k?”

peterwy4485 wrote: “Crocodile fit Dey inside that river.”

ventenaturals_faforlife wrote: “God am scared for her for how much.”

neerahsenterprise wrote: “Like I don’t get too risky.”

everythingbody.by.esty wrote: “Wetin be this bayi?”

melvic_collection wrote: “Nigerian OMG.”

grandpackevents wrote: “The wave no gree allow me enter DJ Ykay.”

Watch the video below:


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