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Woman in tears as in-laws commence tussle for late husband’s properties, seize her children (Video)

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  • A woman who is grieving over the recent demise of her husband has cried out over the inhumane treatment she’s currently experiencing from her in-laws.
  • The lady who wailed bitterly while speaking noted that her in-laws had taken all her kids except one and insisted on taking her husband’s properties a few hours after his death.

A young woman who is currently grieving over the sudden exit of her husband laments bitterly over her in-laws’ attitude towards her following her hubby’s death.

Speaking, the lady who could be seen in her mourning white apparel narrated how her husband suddenly died at home without showing any prior sign of ill health.

She further disclosed that her mother also passed away on the same day her husband died.

With a heavy heart, she avowed that her children were taken away from her following her hubby’s death and she’s only left with one.

Moreso, she stated the day her husband died, her in-laws asked her to speedily send his laptops, phones, and other equipment of work to them for his brother to continue the deal he had at hand prior to his death; a request that seemed quite insensitive.

Responding to complaints, a lady who listened to the woman’s plight promised to get her children for her.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, netizens took to the comment section of the post to drop their thoughts.

One @uncle_ibiwari wrote: “Dear Husbands; Kindly make sure you protect your wife and children against such threats, write a will, buy properties in your names, treat your wife with kindness, love and respect before your family, so they know you value her. Most importantly marry a woman who you can trust to build wealth with. If you just want a child, then contract a woman to birth one for you, don’t marry good women and frustrate them with lack of trust and transparency.”

bimgoldluxuryjewellers wrote: “Dem won try this rubbish with me , I strong pass them, I remember them trying to snatch my only son on the day of the funeral,trying to use police to arrest me on the day of funeral.. Why??Dem say “Na me kill my husband!!!!!” and it’s women doing all this. I made sure I had mopol guard my house for over a year and 24/7. I had escort follow me every where.. e pain dem die.. 9 years after we aren’t on talking terms. I told my God, except I married my husband as a rich man that’s when they will succeed. FOOLS!!! Women, learn to see very well when you are crying…”

l.tobiloba wrote: “As you pray to get married, also pray you get married into a good family. It seem like they killed him, and trying to reap where they didn’t sow.”

sharon.chigozirim wrote: “This is one Igbo tradition I hate These supposed in-laws no go send your papa when your spouse is alive but immediately he’s gone you’ll see them claiming rights of things they don’t know how it came about.”


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