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“Very slim, no energy”- Students visit emaciated colleague on 30 days dry fasting, claiming God told her to do so (Video)

coursemates girl 30 days food water fasting visit janet
  • Students visited a colleague of theirs who’s observing a 30-day prayer and fasting.
  • The girl had greatly slimmed down due to the fact that she denied herself food and water for days.
  • She claimed God instructed her to take on the challenging task.

A TikTok user identified as @joyce_uguru has shared how she and her coursemates visited a colleague of theirs named, Janet who embarked on a 30-day dry fasting.

According to the story, Janet hadn’t attended class for 1 month and her lodge mates further claimed that she refused to open the door for anyone who knocked on her door.

Worried by this, the students trooped to her house to check on her but as usual, she refused to open the door. After much persuasion, she finally opened the door.  It was observed that she had gotten slimmer and lacked energy.  Despite efforts from her coursemates to make her take fruits, Janet blatantly refused, stating that God instructed her to do so.

The poster however prayed for God to give her the strength to complete her spiritual task and grant her heart desires.

A caption that accompanied the video read:

“A visit to see my course mate who has been fasting for 30days without water or food, may God grant her more strength Amen.”

Watch the video below:


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The video went viral online and generated a lot of comments from netizens who shared their thoughts as regards the issue.

One Flawless wrote: “Una sure say Janet normal? .”

miky_nash wrote: “Help me tell Janet say something is wrong with her if na pastor tell her.”

user4385327486014 wrote: “Heaven acknowledge all in your heart Janet”

johnbruno125 wrote: “If Janet swear for person during this period ehn, make i no why e no go work .”

Xcoded wrote: “I no wan see justice for Janet Anywer.”

Y.A.D wrote: “Wetin dae worry this girl, i know wan hear justice for Janet oh? .”


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