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Aquafina invites viral young hawker who exceptionally marketed their bottled water with good English (Video)

Aquafina viral hawker marketed water bottled good english
  • Water brand, Aquafina has invited the young man who went viral for marketing their bottled water in a special way.
  • The lad who was a street hawker made rounds online after a video of him marketing Aquafina’s product with good English in Onitsha.
  • Following this, the company has obviously invited him for something big.

Aquafina has extended an invitation to the outstanding young hawker who gained widespread recognition for his adept promotion of their product in heavy traffic.

The viral video showcasing the young man, self-proclaimed as “Dr H2O,” professionally marketing Aquafina bottled water to commuters on a bus had captured significant attention online.

His eloquence and skilful presentation of the product resonated with viewers, prompting them to draw the brand’s attention to the footage showcasing his impressive marketing techniques.

In a recent development, the hawker from Anambra state shared that he has journeyed to Lagos following the company’s invitation.

A video circulating online captures his arrival, as he alights from the company’s vehicle and proceeds into their building.

Watch the video below:

The man’s story has generated a buzz online as netizens express happiness for the grace that has found him.

Actress Uchenna Nnnanna wrote: “Don’t ever look down on your hustle, people are watching. Above all God is the greatest “

soledafoot wrote: “I love this! These are the kind of things that should be promoted, laslas school no be SCAM.”

oma_nweze wrote: “Things I love to see The igbo man with discipline is a Hustler! He strives and Rises anywhere he finds himself also if grace follow you ehn,no mountain fit stop am.”

hairsbyegosluxe wrote: “You see the social mediait’s very powerful.”

gloriaaakachukwu wrote: “I just love to see God do genuine amazing things! God bless the guy who flipped out his phone, posted this, made us laugh kindly, and now… I love to see it! I pray the opportunity serves him well.”


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