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Why I want to leave the house – Mercy Eke yearns exit, sheds hot tears in diary room (Video)

mercy eke leave bbnaija all stars house cries
  • Ex-Big Brother Naija winner, Mercy Eke disclosed that she wants to exit the BBNaija All Stars house.
  • The reality star poured her heart out during her diary session where she cited her face-off with Alex as the reason for wanting to exit the show.
  • While speaking, she broke down in tears.

BBNaija All Stars housemate, Mercy Eke found herself in a tearful state during her diary session as she expressed her desire to voluntarily exit the house.

Her statement was triggered by a recent altercation that unfolded between her and fellow housemate Alex last night, following the Guinness game.

The heated exchange between Mercy Eke and Alex escalated into a verbal argument, which was followed by Alex repeatedly ranting about the incident throughout the house, resorting to hurtful name-calling aimed at Mercy Eke.

The crux of the dispute arose when Mercy Eke mentioned that Alex tends to display unhappiness and frustration when faced with a loss or failure. This comment prompted Alex’s heated reaction.

In a vulnerable moment during her diary session, Mercy Eke disclosed that Alex had told her to “go and die,” a statement that deeply struck her and left her feeling disturbed. Although she initially tried to brush off the comment, it began to weigh heavily on her mind.

Mercy Eke expressed her usual commitment to being strong but admitted that the emotional toll of the incident had made her reconsider her stance. She shared her struggle with feeling alone, a sensation she strongly dislikes. According to her, the argument with Alex and the aftermath made her experience an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

She confided to Big Brother that the exchange with Alex was unexpected and had left her feeling sorrowful. At that moment, she contemplated leaving, as the emotional weight of the situation was becoming too much for her to bear.

In her words:

“When Alex said ‘go and die,’ I felt like it wasn’t a big deal, even though she claimed not to remember saying it. However, as I thought about it more, I realized I would never tell anyone to ‘go and die.”

“Last night, I found myself thinking about it, and that’s when the feeling of loneliness began to set in. Feeling alone is something I despise because I strive to be ‘very strong.’ That’s my way.”

“I didn’t want to shed tears here, but I contemplated that since Alex is still here and Prince recently joined, I wouldn’t feel that sense of loneliness. However, after the argument, I felt incredibly sorrowful.”

“Engaging in a quarrel with Alex, of all people, was unexpected. Now, I’m at a loss. I feel like… I’m ready to go home.”

Watch the video below:


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