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“Your actions could’ve done same to May” – Netizens call out Yul Edochie over comment on deceased UNIPORT student’s case (Video)

Yul Edochie may uniport student ritual boyfriend
  • Prominent Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has spoken on the disturbing incident about a UNIPORT student, Justina Otuene Nkang allegedly killed by her boyfriend for money rituals.
  • In response to this distressing news, he called upon Nigerian youth to exercise caution in their pursuit of wealth and material possessions.
  • Edochie added that those who flaunt enormous wealth online are also to be blamed due to the pressure they put on the younger generation.

Yul Edochie, a prominent figure in Nollywood, has expressed deep dismay over the tragic news about a University of Port Harcourt student who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend for ritual purposes.

This unfortunate incident involved Damian Okoligwe, a fourth-year student at the University of Port Harcourt, who was apprehended for the gruesome murder and dismembering of his girlfriend, Justina Otuene Nkang.

Yul Edochie in reaction, pleaded with Nigerian youths to exercise patience in their pursuit of wealth and material things.

He also pointed out that individuals who flaunt their affluence on social media platforms are also to be blamed for this.

Moreover, Yul Edochie argued that the online personas of many individuals portraying opulent lifestyles are often far from the truth. He emphasized that what is showcased on the internet does not necessarily reflect actual wealth.

Yul Edochie remained steadfast in his stance that as a student, academic excellence and scholastic achievements should take precedence over the allure of ostentatious living and the relentless pursuit of material possessions.

Watch him speak below:

Reacting, netizens compared Yul’s actions towards his first wife, May to the viral issue, One ezegbakagbaka wrote: “Your actions could have killed May Nna… thank God the social media community remained by her side. Nwokem you’re no different from that boy. Just rest biko.”

veronica.aaron.397 wrote: “Sorry for saying this but what that guy did is not different from what you did to May. The only difference is he killed her and take her out of this world entirely but you killed May in and out. Is not only when you killed someone with knife or take their life that you will understand that you actually killed the person.”

alic.eragan wrote: “They are copying from you. Who killed your son and is trying to kill your wife.”

tamtamsco wrote:U aging badly. You need a break omg.”

vicramsha wrote: “That exactly what you were doing to may while you were busy dancing in your son grave two weeks after his demise. You were emotionally k!lling her. Who take advice from a failure,a failure in marriage,in movie industry,in his 419 ismill,a failure in life . A failed man.”


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