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Mr Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Chioma raises eyebrows with worrisome post amid father’s battle with ailment

  • Mr Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Chioma raises eyebrows due to a post she recently made amid her father’s battle with illness.
  • Ibu who has been hospitalized for weeks has left everyone hoping for good news.
  • However, in a recent post, Jasmine fervently beckoned prayers from the public.

Mr Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Chioma has taken to social media to solicit prayers from the public amid her father’s critical health condition.

Mr Ibu who received donations from the public after the actor and his family publicly came out to make a plea for support, is still undergoing treatment and updates emanating don’t appear quite favourable.

Jasmine via a post on her Instagram story simply called for prayers; a post which has apparently spurred worry.

Check out her post below:

One would recall that Verydarkman a few days back also shared a disturbing report about Mr Ibu’s health.

Taking to his Instagram page, the influencer noted that Mr Ibu currently needs prayers as he is in a 50/50 situation. According to Verydarkman, at this point, it appears like the donations are going to waste as there’s no significant improvement in the actor’s health.

He stressed that what Ibu needs more right now are prayers as his condition keeps getting worse. Verydarkman also stated that the only way he thinks Mr Ibu will recover quicker is if he’s flown abroad as Nigerian hospitals aren’t adequately equipped.

He added that the doctors want to conduct another surgery on him but are watching him at the moment because they’re afraid that if he’s injected with anaesthesia, it may travel down to his heart and instantly kill him.
He also called on people to continue donating the little they have as it will also go a long way.

Verydarkman’s update came a few days after Jasmine Chioma revealed that Ibu underwent two major surgeries a few days back.


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