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“You’ll never see me on live again if…”- Korra Obidi blows hot, calls out ‘ex-husband’s people’ over recent woe (Video)


Controversial dancer and singer, Korra Obidi has fumed greatly on social media after the monetization feature on her Facebook page was taken down.

Expressing her immense displeasure, she disclosed that her ex-husband, Justin Dean’s supporters were the ones who reported her claiming that she goes naked in her videos. Facebook however flagged her page for going against partnership rules and her monetization was paused for 90 days.

Lamenting, the mother of two stated that the 90 days monetization halt has exceeded and the issue still persists. She further called on anyone working with the Blue app, Facebook to come to her aid.  Korra affirmed that the ban has made her change as she now wears overall clothes that don’t expose her body anymore.

However, it’s no news that Korra Obidi is known for her skimpy outfits which often trigger backlashes from netizens.

She further stated that her fans shouldn’t expect to see her on live stream until the issue is resolved.

Watch below:




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