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Man reportedly impregnates ex-wife following divorce, couple reunites

Divorce couple impregnates wife man

An unexpected twist occurred among a couple who had expressed their intention to go their separate ways.

Despite their adamant position to pursue a divorce, the woman got impregnated by her ex-husband while they were finalizing things as regards their split.

According to a Twitter post, the man and his wife had mutually decided to go their separate ways, leading them to approach a court to dissolve their marriage. Subsequently, the wife moved out of the house and relocated to a different apartment, distancing herself from her husband.

Friends and family members attempted to intervene and reconcile the couple, but their efforts proved futile as both parties remained firm in their decision to proceed with the divorce. However, to everyone’s surprise, it was later discovered that the man’s wife was already two months pregnant.

Further investigation revealed that even after the wife had moved out, the man continued to visit her at her new residence, leading to the pregnancy. The couple is still married, and the baby has been born and dedicated in  church.

Narrating the story, one @ChinazaAsogwa1 in reaction to a viral post of a couple that arrived court for divorce in matching outfits wrote:

“So my Dad and a few others were settling a marital issue between a young couple and they both kept on insisting that they would go their separate ways. They filed for a divorce and within that period the lady fell pregnant again.

He (my dad) was so pissed, stating that after several months of going to give long talks at their house, they would retire to the bed and make jest of them. They are still married till today sha.

Like ehnnnn, the babe moved out at some point during the chaos and her husband was going to where she was to spend the weekend with her. They didn’t tell the old men that were all trying to make them work out until the pregnancy news came out.”

See tweet below:


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