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You don collect before? – Netizen quizzes young actress Mercy Kenneth, she responds

  • Fast-rising actress, Mercy Kenneth replies to an inquisitive fan who dropped a suggestive question.
  • The young script interpreter had launched a question and answer session on her Instagram page which got people throwing in questions.

Fast-rising movie star, Mercy Kenneth got a suggestive question from a curious netizen.

The actress via her Instagram page launched a question and answer session and subsequently entertained several queries from her fans.

Mercy Kenneth who’s known for her exceptional talent and style of delivering roles has attracted a lot of fans and followers who can’t help but appreciate her works.

In the course of the questions and answers session, some netizens asked some plain and straightforward questions while others dropped more tactical queries.

A netizen subsequently asked her a thought-provoking question which she answered accordingly.

The question read:

Have you collect before?”

The actress who didn’t give a blind eye to the question replied based on what she understood by the query.

She wrote:

“Always happy to collect in cash or in transfer.”

Check out the post below:


Mercy Kenneth remains one of the most admired rising stars in Nollywood at the moment.

In related development, Mercy Kenneth stirred quite a buzz among social media enthusiasts when she posted a captivating video from the film set, featuring her alongside Doris Akonanya and co-stars.

The 14-year-old starlet graced her Instagram page with a sneak peek into the adrenaline-pumping behind-the-scenes moments of her upcoming blockbuster, ‘Black Panther.’

The initial segment of the clip captures a movie scene set in a hideout belonging to a group of robbers. In this particular sequence, Mercy Kenneth is attired in a sultry black ensemble, adorned with dark lip gloss, and gripping a firearm. It’s a scene that unquestionably falls into the mature and universally recognized “eighteen and above” rating category by all industry standards.

Another segment of the clip captured a vulnerable Mercy being lifted in a situation that appears to suggest a brewing non-consensual intercourse scene.

The teen movie star was also spotted in an adult-rated scene, where she was depicted dancing alongside her fellow co-stars, such as Doris Akonanya. In this scene, they were all clutching cigarette sticks, with smoke swirling through the air, and alcoholic drinks casually strewn across the table.

Fans, who watched the array of mature-themed activities featuring the 14-year-old Mercy Kenneth in these scenes, raised concerns and inquiries directed at the movie producers and director. They questioned the decision to cast a teenager in such a role.


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