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Chats leak as one of the boys who announced Mohbad demise in car finally speaks on incident

Chats leak as one of the boys who announced Mohbad demise in car finally speaks on incident
  • Some leaked chats have created a stir on the internet as one of the boys seen with Mohbad’s body in a car during his death proclamation shares details about the incident.
  • In a conversation with the controversial IG blog, Gistlovers, he strongly refuted allegations of evading police questioning and travelling abroad.
  • He asserted that he had wholeheartedly cooperated with the authorities during the investigation.

Some leaked chats have ignited a social media frenzy as one of the men seen with Mohbad’s body in a car has shared his side of the story.

In a conversation with the controversial IG blog, Gistlovers, he vehemently denied allegations of evading police interrogation and travelling abroad, asserting that he had fully cooperated with the authorities.

He clarified that he, Mohbad’s younger brother, Mohbad’s wife, and the driver all reported to the State CID on the 20th of September for interrogation and to provide statements.

He expressed frustration over being falsely implicated and urged those spreading rumours to refrain from tarnishing his reputation. He emphasized that he didn’t fly anywhere and is currently at home.

The man also mentioned concerns about potential damage to his football career due to the false accusations and the negative attention he has received from people who do not even know him. He implored those spreading misinformation to stop chasing clout and making baseless allegations.

In his words:

Yes me mohbad Jnr brother his wife the other guy and the his snr brother who drove the car. Yes we all went to the state cid on the 20th for the investigation and wrote a statement down.

“So I don’t know why that Verydarkman is still dragging me for what he’s not present. PIs they should stop chasing clout and tarnishing my image they don’t even know me I’m not sanusi

“I didn’t fly anywhere l’m at home. They want to spoil my football career saying a lot of shit I don’t even know anyone except from moh and he’s family.”

Sharing the chats, Gistlovers wrote:

“Hello Nigerians,una know say i no Dey talk without evidence right , we all want Justice and we should please put sentiments aside and open our heads and eyes,you see I want you all to read on CONSPIRACY THEORY and connect the dot,let me tell you all something, before I open my mouth talk anything I would have confirmed before coming to the general public to talk, as an investigator you need to do more than just sit In a pig house and on ringlight and start opening mouth wa, sometimes do your due diligence, reach out to people and ask questions, when this VERYDARKMUMu started with pointing fingers and diverting attention from his paymasters i told you all and confirmed to you all they have been interogated infact na them turn theirselves in, i also reached out to one of the police team in charge of this investigation and they confirmed it, when he saw that I said they have been interrogated and the talk about the boys didn’t really fly he shifted attention to the wife just to divert Nigerians attention the more, like i have said, i am not against the police doing their investigation and if it warrants them doing DNA, the wife will gladly comply,all we want is justice and yes nobody is to be spared but diverting the public eyes off the bigger suspects is what will never happen, so Kemi who talked against having a DNA before automatically join hand with dark man just to further cause division and diversion(check second to last slide) Kemi also said the boy in the car name is sanusi and has been flown to Dubai, boy wey no comot for him house, una Dey see am, are you connecting the dot, i reached out to the boy again and this is what the boy has to say, check the slides, i fact I will go live with the boy now just so you all know they have been feeding you with lies and distractions just so you leave Naira and Sam Larry alone, also after seeing that I have pleaded with the girl to do DNA, darkmumu man said he won’t believe the result this my boy(darkmumu)must really think he is important oo, if Wunmi will be doing the test it is to let the bullies you sent after her leave her alone, she is doing it for the general public not your mumu self, na one by o.”

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