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“I and 5 people had to tie her up” – Chacha Eke’s husband shares experience of living with mentally ill partner

I and 5 people had to tie her up - Chacha Eke's husband shares experience of living with mentally ill partner
  • Austin Faani, the husband of Chacha Eke speaks on the challenges he has faced while living with a mentally ill partner.
  • The film producer spoke on his uneasy ordeals during a gathering with his wife, Chacha Eke present.
  • Faani ended by stating that despite all the challenges, he can’t leave without his wife, Chacha.

Austin Faani, the husband of renowned Nollywood actress Chacha Eke, has opened up about his journey of living with a partner grappling with mental health issues.

It is no longer news that Chacha Eke is dealing with bipolar disorder, a situation that has often led her to create dramas on social media.

Recall that a few months back, Chacha Eke bared her soul, recounting a manic episode that took hold of her. She shared the harrowing details of wandering through the streets, hotels, and beaches of Lagos for days, even using a fabricated ID to embark on a boat journey to Ghana. Chacha Eke revealed that one early morning, around 3am, she had awoken in a state of distress, feeling unsafe in her own home. Fueled by this unease, she fled to a motor park in Asaba and subsequently made her way to Lagos.

Reflecting on this tumultuous period, Austin Faani candidly narrated an incident where his wife startled him up by shattering a mirror at 1 am. According to her, she saw that people were coming out of the mirror, prompting her to break it.

He also recounted an instance where he and 5 other people had to tie Cha Cha Eke up in a bid to take her to the hospital as she was already bleeding due to self-inflicted injuries and still wouldn’t be calm.

In the face of Chacha’s escalating condition, Austin Faani detailed the steps he took to seek solace and assistance. He recounted how he went from jumping from one prayer house to another to realizing that Cha Cha’s problem was purely medical.

Austin Faani’s account sheds light on the complex and challenging journey of supporting a loved one through mental health struggles.

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