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“Where is he from?” – Man with natural big hips and feminine face breaks internet with photos


A grown man with a feminine face and body shape has broken the internet with his photos shared on TikTok.

In the shocking photos, the man identified as @siphosethusihawu8 on the platform, flaunted his massive hips and baby face.

While sharing the photos via his account, he also made it clear to doubting Thomases that he’s a full-fledged man.

Netizens have penned down their thoughts regarding the young man with many wondering how he turned out the way he is.

@tymerjnr5 said: “If ladies and gentlemen is a human being.”

@everyone_changed wrote: “I have curves too. They always laugh at me.”

@o.d.obaddest added: We lost another bro.”

See photos below:

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