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“She wan run am codedly” – Netizens react as leaked chat shows Teni requesting Dj Chicken’s number

  • A leaked convo between the famous singer, Teni Apata and controversial DJ, Chicken has generated a buzz online.
  • In the chat, Teni asked Chicken for his number which he gave out. He also asked for Teni’s own but was yet to get a response.

A leaked chat shows the conversation between singer, Teni and raving DJ, Chicken.

The chat which is said to have been shared by Dj Chicken on his IG story was speedily deleted. Some claimed it was because he forgot to blur his phone number.

Going by the look of things, Teni first slid into DJ Chicken’s DM and asked for his phone number which he dropped.

In turn, Chicken requested Teni’s own but the chat didn’t capture her response (if she actually did).

An IG blogger who shared the chat highlighted the fact that DJ Chicken forgot to blur out his number and netizens capitalized on this to mock the controversial influencer.

The post read:

“Eh eh!! This Chicken sef get wahala!! Why he go post for hin story say Teni DM am!! ‍♂️

Funniest thing be say, he posted with his phone number, if no be say I cover am now, na everybody go get hin contact.

He’s now taken down the screenshot off his story.” 

See chat below:

Reacting, One the_voice74 wrote: “Teni don scores say chicken they fire down, mama wan run am coded now chicken omo werey don cast mama low key.”

angelicseer_tarotreal wrote: “Wetin concern u who send u to cover am .”

nonelikeking wrote: “So you when close the number now na you wise pass abi? remember nor only you view am.”

baba.whyte wrote: “If he no dey catch the cruise how you go see something to talk about ? if everybody too serious we fit carry g¥n las las.”

thecutejerry1 wrote: “Person wey no get sense .”


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