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“What is she promoting?” – Video of lady twerking for Teni raises eyebrows

Teni twerk video new song lady lesbian
  • Singer, Teniola Apata previewed a new song in a manner that got people talking online.
  • In the video, the songstress who is known for her tomboyish nature could be seen singing while a lady in a skimpy outfit twerked in front of her.
  • The clip subsequently generated wild reactions and questions as regards the female music star’s sexuality.

Teniola Apata, a widely recognized Nigerian singer professionally known as Teni, is facing allegations of promoting LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) behaviour as she previews her incoming track.

The circulating video features a female video vixen vigorously twerking for Teni, who is known for her tomboyish gestures and appearance. The video vixen’s dance moves were intense as she grooved for the singer, creating a focal point for discussions.

Teni, shared the video on her official Twitter account while providing a preview of her upcoming music. The vixen passionately twerked, with her hand moving from Teni’s chest down to her waist region, while Teni delivered her lyrics.

Furthermore, the lyrics in Teni’s song seem to involve a playful enactment of a male persona, wherein she tells the video vixen, “Baby Je n rumo,” which translates to “Baby, let me thrust in.”

This particular lyrical segment and the display in the video have stirred reactions with some netizens insinuating that she is promoting a gay lifestyle.

Watch the video below:

chiemeriekingz wrote: “No matter how the society accept abnormal things to be normal, what is right will be right in my home and for my offsprings.”

dahreal_boluwatife wrote: “This is not normal and is very bad tbh I think with this video teni is promoting lesbianism.”

_cityboy_mario wrote: “Finally showed her gay lifeā€¦.finally Rubbish.”

wi_sdom9118 wrote: “Lesbian vibes.”

gallantgraphics1 wrote: “Time will teach everyone a lesson. When you are 70yr old with just a cat to live with. That time nobody go tell you.”



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