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“My 2.5gb is going down”- Lady striving to break record for longest hours indoors begs for data (Video)

indoor guinness world record break lady beg data
  • The lady during her TikTok live video noted that her 2.5gb is going down.
  • She further pleaded with netizens to help a sister.

A Nigerian woman who set out to break the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent indoors is now appealing to Nigerians for data.

The lady from Ogun state, identified as Funmi Ojelade, embarked on a task to establish a new record for the most hours spent indoors.

She earmarked staying indoors for a total of 168 hours, refraining from using her phone, chatting with others, or leaving her place, and no visitors were allowed during this time.

However, after reaching the 64th hour of her indoor challenge, Funmi Ojelade revealed that her 2.2 gigabytes of data were running out, prompting her to request help from fellow Nigerians to buy additional data so she could continue her record attempt.

In her words:

“My 2.5gb is going down, help a sister,” she pleaded.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, netizens were amused by her plea as humorous comments poured in.

@gylliananthonette wrote: “Why is this country not on Netflix yet??? .”

sharonofficial126 wrote: “Una don use this as new format to beg money online joblessness.”

iam.berrybee wrote: ” lol, this country Ehn , you can never be sad just have data to come online ‍♀️.”

paulagram__ wrote: “A country where cost of living rises above meridian sea every 1hour ,na Guinness Record go suffer am .”

pambolabola wrote: “i just feel like nigeria is a youtube channel in one realm or even heaven sef and they’re watching us because kini gbogbo rubbish yi now.”

papi_demillie wrote: “Nigerians have finally made GWR seem so irrelevant. No one give a F anymore about any -THON.”

triplecollections wrote: “When you ready you go sell that laputop ( laptop ) wey dey your back use the money buy data .”


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