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Lizzy Gold and crew members descend heavily on 2 men in Asaba for allegedly stealing phone, fans react (Watch Video)

lizzy gold beat 2 men phone lady asaba crew
  • Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold triggers mixed reactions after sharing a video of the moment some men alleged to have stolen a lady’s phone were caught and beaten.
  • Sharing the clip, the movie star recounted how she and her crew members chased and caught up with the culprits, and subsequently recovered the smartphone.
  • In reaction, mixed comments fell in with some netizens faulting them for taking laws into their own hands and others who supported them for teaching the guys a hard lesson.

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold has faced criticism for joining forces with some men to take laws into their own hands after they allegedly caught two thieves.

The script interpreter narrated the incident on her Instagram page, recounting how she was on set when she witnessed the theft of a girl’s phone.

In a swift reaction, the lady raised an alarm, prompting Lizzy Gold, her Director of Photography (DOP) and Associate Producer to chase after the culprits.

Not willing to let the thieves escape, Lizzy Gold joined the pursuit, leading to the eventual capture of the men. The situation escalated, resulting in the apprehended individuals being subjected to physical assault. Eventually, the stolen phone was recovered.

She wrote:

“So this thieves stole a girls phone ..she raised alarm and my dop’s and associate producer ran after them ..me I drove after them ..long story cut short the thieves were caught and beaten…the girls phone was recovered from the thieves…watch to the end and see the lady whose phone was stolen…

Cc @lizzygoldofficial @kevinuvo @kesmovies

Ps : they are known thieves in asaba…they were taken to the d.p.o in asaba and he said they have been in prison for 39 days only for them to be released yesterday and they still stole a girls phone.” 

Watch the video below:

While Lizzy Gold’s intentions may have been to assist in apprehending the thieves and recovering the stolen property, her advocacy for the alleged thieves to be beaten sparked mixed comments online.

Some faulted the actress and her crew for descending on the culprits while others supported their move.

One monica4x_9 wrote: “I hope this is acting ,y’all really beating a whole human being over a freaking phone .. that’s wild.”

ms__welz_official wrote: “You’re not supposed to take the law into your own hands.”

iammaryjane222 wrote: “I know some pple will still come here and write ‘why did they beat them like this’
Why would you even take what’s not yours sef ehnnn!!!”

sweet_blandy10 wrote: “Una no get kerosene and tyre?? Asking respectfully.”


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