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Veteran actor, Uwa Ezuoke stirs reactions as he teases Destiny Etiko over big backside on movie set (Video)

  • A video captures the moment veteran Nollywood actor, Uwu Ezuoke teased Destiny Etiko due to her rare endowment.
  • Destiny Etiko who recently featured the movie veteran in one of her films could be seen walking hand-in-hand with him while cracking jokes.
  • Uwu Ezuoke who is known for his unique style of introducing humour at any given moment naughtily teased Destiny Etiko in Igbo language.

Successful Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko and her senior colleague, Uwa Ezuoke linked up for a movie titled, ‘Shege Banza‘, and needless to say, the duo had a good time working together.

A video circulating online captures the moment Destiny Etiko and Uwa Ezuoke were seen walking hand-in-hand while gisting and cracking jokes.

Speaking, Destiny Etiko opened up about her admiration for Uwa Ezuoke, telling him that she has been a big fan of his works for a very long time. She further expressed happiness having him on her set.

Uwa Ezuoke who immediately played along decided to tease Destiny Etiko over her look. Showering praises on her massive backside in Igbo language, the actor noted that he screamed in shock upon sighting her big derriere; a statement that left everyone amused.

The video which recently popped up triggered reactions from netizens who took to the comment section to pen hilarious and naughty comments.

One Wisdom Showroom wrote: “Adazinnukwu for me”

Pyness Tv wrote: “This Destiny etiko u be character ❤️”

Hon To Loo wrote: “Are body old, but his mind is young .”

Rich Dlamini wrote: “Destiny. . you’ re not just an actress but a comedian as well”

Watch the video below:

Still on this, a bedroom movie scene of Destiny Etiko and Uwa Ezuoke triggered a buzz on social media a few weeks back.

The video which is a clip from her recently released movie, ‘Shege Banza’ captured the duo in a room as Uwa Ezuoke massaged her back.

Reciprocating, Destiny Etiko massaged Uwu Ezuoke’s back too as they chatted as husband and wife in the video.

In the course of their convo, their child, Obio Oluebube entered the room but was speedily driven away by Uwa Ezuoke and Destiny Etiko.

Uwa Ezuoke who appeared to be enjoying the massage subsequently told Destiny Etiko to go and close the door as he was aroused and wanted to engage in lovemaking.

Destiny Etiko initially objected but after much persuasion and petting from Uwa Ezuoke, she hilariously gave in, sparking reactions among netizens.


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