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Hilda Baci: “Longest knacking ever” – Lady, others share records they would like to break -VIDEO

hilda baci nigerians break records

Content creator, Agbaje Oluwatimileyin stormed the venue of celebrity chef, Hilda Baci’s Cook-A-Thon and subsequently interviewed some individuals who showed up to offer support.

Agbaje went about asking people the record they would love to break and they gave their answers accordingly.

A lady when asked said she would love to break the record for the longest streak of intercourse which would last for two(2) days. Agbaje further asked her how long she had lasted in a single romp and she said 5 mins but she’s optimistic that she can do it.

Another lady avowed that she would want to break the record of being the individual with the longest sleeping time. According to her, she would sleep for 9 days.

A lad interviewed also noted that he would like to break the record of the individual with the highest laughter. He was asked to prove it and he began laughing awkwardly.

Watch the video below:


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