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“Forgive me, so I can worship your God!” – Man who accused Nathaniel Bassey of fathering Mercy Chinwo’s Son cries out


Nigerian man who told Blessed to carry out a DNA test makes a U-turn, breaks down in tears and begs for forgiveness from Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo.

The young man who is on Facebook as Agozi Commedy claimed Mercy Chinwe’s son with her husband, Blessed Uzochikwa, looks a lot like Nathaniel Bassey.

He further advised Blessed to carry out a DNA test because he was almost certain that the child was not his own but Nathaniel Bassey’s.

Despite numerous backlash, he refused to back down on his accusations, insisting that it was a case of paternity fraud by Mercy Chinwo.

Nathaniel Bassey decided to take legal action by making a petition with the police against him and some other social media users who made such statements.

Broken by this decision, he cried out on his social media page begging the gospel singers to forgive him for his behavior.

He claimed he had been depressed since the petition was announced and requested another chance as he was carried away by the hype surrounding social media.

He wrote:

“For those Una, wey Dey insult me and abuse me, sayin am not a man…. Why did I apologized. Nah so Una hype verydarkblackman he Dey for denetention for 9 days…. I do things to please my self so u can unfollow me. As far as am concern I will be apologizing to Nathaniel Bassey -Official. Mercy Chinwo till they forgive me, nah Una push me for this problem and you want me not to apologize so I can be use as scap goat Una try.”

“With due respect am very sorry Nathaniel Bassey-Official and Mercy Chinwo you are like a father and a mother to me, and you guys are ministers of the gospel, I was carried away by bloggers. But am not justifying my actions because it is inhumanity to human. But please give me a second chance’s and this won’t repeat itself again it’s a promise, please just understand that it was not deliberate act, but please temper justice with mercy and I will join you and serve your God, now I have repented and follow Jesus, no more idols worship…. Please be my spiritual guidance so I won’t miss the track again. I want to follow Jesus because in him there is life. Please am very sorry top fans.”

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