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Drama as hairdresser uses razor to shave hair of lady who refused to pay for her services (Video)

hairdresser shaves lady hair pay refuse
  • A woman has gained significant online attention after she declined to pay for a braided hairstyle at a salon in South Africa.
  • The incident was brought to public notice when a Twitter user shared videos showing the woman having her hair forcibly shaved off by an enraged hairstylist due to her refusal to settle the bill.
  • According to the tweep, the customer had requested the hair styling service despite lacking the funds to cover the cost. 

In a series of videos, Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux publicized a highly charged altercation between a customer and a hairstylist.

The catalyst for this explosive encounter was the customer’s refusal to pay for a requested braided hairstyle as she had no money.

The footages capture the hairstylist resorting to a razor blade, resulting in the woman’s hair being completely shaved off, leaving her with a strikingly bald appearance.

Captioning the tweet, the poster wrote:

“This hairdresser cut the hair of a customer who failed to pay after plaiting her hair. She ordered them to do her hair while she knew that she doesn’t have money. This is wrong ” 

Watch the videos below:


The videos swiftly gained attention across various social media platforms, igniting a storm of contrasting responses and viewpoints from netizens worldwide.

One @endylight1 wrote: “Don’t come here to support her, sometimes you just have to let go and probably treat people with love. I know she wasted her time but sh@ving her hair like this is absurd.” 

nkem_dilimm wrote: “This is a NO NO! What happened to loosing the hair she made for her or better still punish her in another way. There are ways to go about this nauu…than chopping off All her hairs! Hairs you didn’t create. Even if say na Widow this hair dresser is just a Delilah. Just because she didn’t pay? Omo you wekcked o.”

veseverah wrote: “This isnt nice bt funny it pays to be straight forward sha dnt think lying to people or decceiving people makes you smart.”

natura__essie wrote: “She should have taken the hair down or better still involve the police … what right does she have to cut someone else’s hair? Ha! And for all these people wey wan do some hair without money, what’s your problem ? Who you dey try impress? If you don’t have money, pack that hair shuku or something!”

fredycj wrote: “Na only person way no well, go enter saloon when she no get money, then make her hair and na only person way no well, go still sit down make dem barb her molo because say she no get money. But in all of this, The hair dresser wicked shaaa. Thank God say Man no be God.” 

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