Home Entertainment Why Ryan Taylor broke up with DJ Cuppy – Twitter user alleges

Why Ryan Taylor broke up with DJ Cuppy – Twitter user alleges

Why Ryan Taylor broke up with DJ Cuppy - Twitter user alleges
  • Reports about Dj Cuppy and her fiance, Ryan Taylor’s fallout have been making the rounds online.
  • A Twitter user however shared the reason for their split.

Following DJ Cuppy’s engagement to Ryan, her fiance reportedly ended their relationship.

In light of this, a man identified on Twitter as @DAMIADENUGA shared what he claimed to be the actual reason behind the breakup. According to him, Ryan’s dissatisfaction due to the lack of intimacy from the billionaire’s daughter triggered their split.

In his words:

“Rumors has it that Dj cuppy’s boyfriend broke up with her because of sex “

See the post below:

The tweet quickly gained attention, sparking discussions and debates among social media users.

One @Irunnia_ asked, “Lack of sex or the sex too much?”

“Lack of sex ,” the poster responded.

@Tunmise01 wrote: “So lack of sex reach to breakup when she’s not even your wife yet ? Issokay!”

@MyG51846748 wrote: “Na why I leave one werey girl Oloshi go dey tell me make I go carry ashawo first b4 we have S e x .. She go talk say my body don full”

@Rickyslim4 wrote: “Nobody knows the true story yet  oh my gozz”

@chi_agozie7 wrote: “Very solid reason.”

@Mawunya_ wrote: “You have to come clear so your audience can understand. Is it that the cuppy likes lots of sex or the guy? Tell them.”

@Ishencemello wrote: “Them too dey knack Abi them no dey knack ? Abeg cos me sef confuse”

@Mykoladoo wrote: “We told him , na that boi no dey hear word.”

@sammy1real wrote: “I mean you guy is hyper active, and will need someone with same energy to match his drive.., coppy is just a Barbie “

@dci_a7 wrote: “No sex before marriage or too much sex before marriage?”

@h_de_goat wrote: “Did you know Nigerian men are the number one simps in Africa and the most deek driven in the entire world?”

@Lordoye1 wrote: “If this true,then he has never loved her in the first place. Dear ladies, any man that breaks up with you because of sex doesn’t love you in the first place. A man that truly loves you won’t even pester you for sex not to talk of breaking up with you.”


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