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“You dey always set yourself up for dragging” – Judy Austin under fire over recent post

  • Nollywood actress, Judy Austin stirs backlashes from netizens due to a recent post she made.
  • The 2nd wife of Yul Edochie had taken to her Instagram page to pen a thoughtful write-up about life.
  • Netizens subsequently descended heavily on her, claiming she didn’t practice what she was preaching.

Nollywood actress and producer, Judy Austin gets dragged online due to a recent post she shared.

Via her Instagram page, the movie star shared an insightful note about life, reminding people that they came to this world with nothing and will leave empty-handed. She stressed that if people understand this, they will learn to love, forgive, and do everything possible to ‘live rather than exist’.

In her words:

“The truth is we own nothing in this world, we came here empty handed and we will leave empty handed. If people truly understand this, we’ll love more, forgive more  and do everything possible to truly live rather than to exist.

Love will always win.”

See the post below:

In reaction to the post, IG users who don’t hesitate to criticize the actress at any given opportunity dragged the actress to shreds.

One tiwalola2023 wrote: “Na you dey always set yourself up for dragging.. you no just get sense.”

estherelsiechinwe wrote: “And just because Sarah ur ex friend made peace with May u and ur isimmili unfollwed her. And just because Destiny Etiko commented on queen May’s post u and UE isimmili unfollwed her.
Dey play ndi sobe okwu onum esona omumem.”

oruchigift wrote: “If you know this you wouldn’t have caused your fellow woman pain , there’s a way you would have handled it diplomatically. I wonder how people preach what they’re not. Think before you speak.”

jefferdonjade wrote: “Just know anytime he posts u…May is what is in his spirit soul and body not u. Other husband they post and show off their wives out of love ur side coch dey post u just for spite and clout n to pepper, cover up…ntoor gi.”

cheechy_marvis wrote: “All these quotes on top person husband? You just want May to leave her husband for you. She has already. Madam rest!”


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