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“With her torn underwear” – Outrage as male and female content creators go unclothed during bottle flip challenge (Video)


Facebook comedian and content creator, YankohBoy and a lady (name not known) have come under intense criticism over their steamy bottle flip challenge.

In the video, YankohBoy and the lady first appeared fully clad and made an agreement that once a person succeed in flipping the bottle and keeping it standing erect, the other party would take off a piece of their clothes.

The game which was tagged as the adult version of the viral bottle flip challenge began and the duo commenced their display. YankohBoy flipped and the lady also did the same. YankohBoy was the first to remove his polo after the lady flipped the bottle to a vertical position. He also flipped and made the girl take off her clothes one after another.

The duo continued the show until they were almost naked. YankohBoy wore a black small short and the lady wore a brassiere and bum short after taking off a majority of the material she wore.

However, the game was made to end by force after YankohBoy flipped again and this time, the lady was supposed to remove her bum short and stand on panties only. The lady at this point refused to remove the short as she insisted that there was nothing to remove again.

She was now covering her cleavages which partially popped out of her brassiere with her hand as she ran off the camera.

Captioning the video, YankohBoy wrote: “Flip The Bottle Challenge That Ended Dirty (+18)”

As expected, the video triggered a lot of outrage from netizens who were disgusted by the display. Some made comments about the lady’s underwear which they claimed was torn.

Check out some reactions beneath:

Watch the video causing a buzz online below:


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