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Why I’m not yet married – Lizzy Gold opens up, makes shocking revelation on intimacy (Video)

  • Lizzy Gold opens up on why she’s still single.
  • The mother of two noted that she doesn’t welcome living together with another individual.
  • She added that she hasn’t had intercourse for four years.

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold has opened up on the reason behind her decision not to marry yet.

In a video circulating online, the popular movie star candidly shared that she is currently a single mother of two children and has no immediate plans to enter into matrimony.

The 35-year-old noted that she likes marriage but emphasized that she does not want to live with a spouse, as she highly values her personal space within relationships.

The Warri-born actress explained that she finds long-distance romance to be more enjoyable due to the element of missing each other.

In addition to her unconventional views on marriage and living arrangements, Lizzy Gold also revealed another intriguing aspect of her personal life. She disclosed that she has abstained from sexual activity for a period of four years.

In her words:

“I have been getting a lot of questions like, ‘Is she single? Is she married?

“Now, I’m going to answer all your questions. I’ve never been married before. I’m single, and I’m a single mom. The reason I’m not yet married is not because I don’t like the word ‘marriage’. It’s because I’m taking my time and I love my space. So, if I must marry anybody, it has to be a distance relationship. I don’t think I’m very comfortable if I marry a man and every day I wake up, I see you on my bed, in my space. I will not be too comfortable.

“Sometimes, I believe distance relationships help create more fun in a relationship. It helps to make both partners miss themselves.

“That is why I’m not married currently. And it (marriage) is not really in my dictionary right now.”

She added, “It might sound like a lie but I haven’t had sex for four good years. I haven’t and I don’t feel like it because right now in my head is all about work.”

Watch the video below:


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