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Why I am dragging Uche Elendu and her cohorts – Angela Okorie opens up (Video)

  • Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has finally spilled the main reason for dragging her colleagues, Uche Elendu, Anita Joseph, and others.
  • The movie star over the week has been throwing hot jabs at Uche Elendu, Anita Joseph, and more.
  • She has finally spoken on why she’s been on their necks for days.

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has shed light on the reason for dragging her fellow actresses, Uche Elendu, Anita Joseph, and others.

Taking to her Instagram page, she posted a video in which she explained that her moves were a defensive response to their actions against her.

The actress clarified that she is not one to engage in dragging people unnecessarily, but when circumstances demand it, she feels compelled to stand up for herself.

Angela recounted a distressing incident when Uche Elendu visited her at her home after she got shot.

Instead of offering support, Uche filmed the scene as Angela underwent the painful process of having gun pallets removed from her body with a razor blade. To add to the betrayal, Uche subsequently sent these videos to bloggers.

In her words:

“Everybody knows that I don’t drag people but if the lies keep coming up I will have to defend myself.

When I was shot Uche Elendu came to my house and videoed me while they were cutting my face with a razor blade and removing the pellets from the gunshot”.

While Angela initially intended to remain silent on the matter, she felt it necessary to defend herself from the false narratives being spread about her.

She expressed her willingness to refrain from further online drama if her colleagues refrain from spreading lies about her. However, if they continue to perpetrate falsehoods against her, she won’t hesitate to resume dragging them online.

Captioning the post, she wrote:

“For those of you still calling to understand why I have been on all blogs (make una Dey read abeg)Some people said am dragging my ex friends,With messages of their dirty lives,
Listen carefully and slide on to see more videos and understand after watching tell me why I shouldn’t drag people giving me bad names for no reason, have you ever seen any husband or wife come out to say Angela snatched one thing or the other?
Bloggers pls verify before putting what ever that will bring traffic to your page , you destroyed my name with misinformation ‍♀️
As for uche and her cohorts I achieved those post y’all know am ready to drag you 4eva
If you ever lie against me again your dirty
Episodes are still remaining
This will be the last time I will address this
I want to continue our giveaway
Drop your account’s fam ❤️❤️
Someone wants to gift 10 of my fans
Note: this page does Not support violence.”

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