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“Why are they touching her brezz” – Eyebrows raised as Hilda reunites with friends after cook-a-thon -VIDEO


Fans have reacted to the moment celebrity chef, Hilda Baci linked up with her friends after successfully breaking the Guinness World record of the individual with the longest cooking time.

In the video, the chef who visited her girlfriends shared some fun moments with them as they hailed her for the accomplishment.

Hilda Baci’s friends commended her efforts as she showed them some bruises and scars she incurred in the process of accomplishing the task.

However, tongues wagged over the video as some netizens commented on how cosy the girls were with each other. This however triggered suggestive speculations and questions.

Watch the video below:

Reacting one @sterlynwrighter wrote: “Why are they touching her bress like that ? “

@bigsmart__ wrote: “Why this content ? Which kind friends be this ? This girl is on a world map and you’re posting this.”

@providenceric_fxt wrote: “Isn’t she supposed to sleep for straight 48hrs? I mean hence the stress”

@oseme_okojiee wrote: “she be lesbian?”

@mrsulaimmann wrote: “Una dey use Akwa ibom girls play !!! She go still call her Bobo collect better Gbola “

@abovevalentine wrote: “Hope she is not what am thinking? Because this kisssi kissi kisss is much.”


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