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What my daughter, Michelle did after she learnt about my N30K beef with Basketmouth – AY spills -VIDEO

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During the recent AY Live Easter Sunday show, popular comedian, AY Makun illuminated greatly on his long-standing feud with his colleague Basketmouth, which has been ongoing for 17 years.

AY surprised the audience by revealing that his daughter had offered to pay him N30,000 to settle the beef.

AY shared that the feud between him and Basketmouth has been so pervasive that it has made its way into the schoolyard, with his daughter Michelle and her classmates discussing it at school. The comedian who expressed astonishment that the minor issue has become so well-known and widespread, went on to describe how his 15-year-old daughter asked him if he urgently needed the N30,000, which triggered laughter from the audience.

“Daddy how urgent do you need your N30K,” AY quoted his daughter.

AY ultimately concluded that what’s happening between him and Basketmouth isn’t really a beef.

Watch the video below:

During the show, AY even dedicated a special song to Basketmouth, while insisting that Basketmouth is his guy.


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