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“What did I do to you people”- Tony Umez cries out as ‘specific’ video compilation from his old movies trends

tony umez darling video compilation

Veteran Nollywood actor, Tony Umez cries out following some clips compilation of his old movies that recently began trending online.

The video compilation comprised clips that captured the moment Tony Umez voiced out the word, ‘Darling’.

Several videos were merged, triggering an incessant echo of the word, ‘darling’.

The video had a caption that read:

“Tony Umez wants to use durling and kill us.”

Stumbling upon the clip, the movie star shared it on his Instagram page, asking what he did wrong. He asked if one can’t use the ‘darling’ word in peace.

In his words:

“What did I do to you people, can’t I dorling in peace ? @krakstv continue.”

Watch the video below:


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