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“We will get to the bottom of this” – Linc Edochie responds to wild allegation against Judy Austin over Yul’s son’s death

judy austin yul's son's death

Linc Edochie, popular actor and brother to Yul Edochie, has responded to strong allegations against his brother’s second wife, Judy Austin, following the death of his nephew, Kambilichuckwu Edochie.

The death of Yul Edochie’s first son Kambili came as a rude shock to Nigerians, and they’re finding it hard to accept.

Angry critics descended on his second wife, Judy Austin as they blame her for bringing problems to the actor’s family.

A concerned fan of the Edochies, took to Yul’s brother, Linc’s Instagram page, to console him and make wild allegations against Judy Austin.

The fan advised Linc, who has never hidden his support for May Edochie since Yul’s 2nd marriage scandal, to stay vigilant, and watch Judy Austin closely.

The fan wrote;

Mr Linc, accept my deepest conndolonces on the demise of your nephew. Please be strong you are the head of the Edochie family according to us. Hence i want you to be strong for May, be her shoulder. Can you please make sure that witch, the murderer does not attend the funeral, Juju the witch aka destiny killer. I know its hard to monitor where many people gather but i see that there are agents of judy and crew who want to cause another demise and peopke will just think its heartattack to Kambi’s death. Mr Linc, be strong for us for we only trust you.

Protect your family and cut judy’s tail, now that you have Kambi’s help in the spiritual realm, he will help you to fight all the spiritual attacks to your family. We love you Sir. We really do love you. We will meet in prayers, we are with you. I understand Yul is your brother, but as along as he is nit cleansed , he is an ENEMY to your family. He will continue to sellout your family to the devil in human form judy and crew. We call a spade a spade. Linc FIGHT !! The ball is in your hands”

In response, Linc Edochie wrote;

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I am not the head of the family. The ones before me have been notified. We will surely get to the bottom of this.”



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