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Video of Davido keenly asking for a rare clip of his not to be posted online sparks reactions

  • Famous singer, Davido was seen telling a man not to upload a video of himself online.
  • The clip which still found its way to the internet showed Davido dancing and having fun with some people at an open arena. 

A short video captures the moment singer, Davido strongly kicked against a video of him being posted on the internet.

In the video, the Afrobeats sensation is seen having fun with a group of people as they danced and partied hard.

Upon noticing an individual who was filming the moment, Davido screamed, saying he/she shouldn’t post the clip.

He however continued with his dance amid the loud background music.

Watch the video below:

Be it as it may, it appears Davido’s plea wasn’t adhered to as the clip still crawled into the social media space.

Reacting, netizens left speculations as to why Davido didn’t want his video to be posted online.

Check out some comments beneath:


In other news, Davido caught the attention of many netizens due to his animated response when confronted with turbulent moments in the air.

His cousin, Adenike Adeleke, known as @nikos_babiiu on TikTok, promptly uploaded a video capturing his reactions on her page for all to witness.

In that gripping footage, Davido was captured on a private jet with his cousin, his lawyer and other members of his DMW crew when the turbulence hit.

As the turbulence rattled the private jet, the music maestro clung to his seat, a picture of anxiety, teeth clenched in silent prayer for smoother skies.

Meanwhile, his cousin, Nike, couldn’t help but have a good chuckle at the whole ordeal, finding it amusing.

Davido, in voice-over, said:

“I was scared on the flight, I don’t like turbulence because I love my life.” 

In other exciting snippets from the video, the singer, his cousin, and the crew can be seen living it up at various enjoyable locations, creating unforgettable memories together.


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