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Uche Elendu reacts as man urges Mercy Chinwo’s husband to conduct DNA test for son over resemblance to Nathaniel Bassey

  • Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu reacts as a man advises Mercy Chinwo’s husband to conduct a DNA test for his son.
  • The man who cited the boy’s resemblance to Nathaniel Bassey urged Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa to do a DNA test before it’s too late.
  • Reacting, Uche took to the comment section of the video to exclaim.

Nigerian filmstar, Uche Elendu breaks silence as man offers a piece of unsolicited advice to Mercy Chinwo’s husband, Blessed Uzochikwa about conducting a DNA test for his son.

The video which captured the man voicing his discontent went viral a few hours ago where he stated that Mercy Chinwo’s son looked like Nathaniel Bassey and therefore a DNA test needs to be done to prove his paternity.

The video as expected amassed a flurry of comments on social media with many chipping in their thoughts.

Watch below:

Reacting to the clip, Uche Elendu who appeared disheartened by the comment wrote:

“My God “

One @lenses.ng wrote: “This isn’t even funny. Have you guys seen the negative influence VDM is having on people for those who say they can’t see it.”

thriftby_dinma_ wrote: “If your brother ,husband and son is not disgracing you on this internet, you don’t know what God did for you.”

enosenty1 wrote: “I’ll definitely not listen to any apology video this guy will drop later… you want to scatter someone’s marriage?”

neekahs_luxurybeads__ wrote: “Wild accusations! God abeg ooo! If they arrest am now, e go start to beg! Y’all making social media unsafe for parents to genuinely post their kids smh ‍♀️ ‍♀️‍♀️.”

talks3xwithireti wrote: “You all can see that when they actually arrest them and they feign hot tears and pleading for forgiveness, they do not really mean. It’s their way of life to be toxic and extremely useless. This same guy was arrested recently and freed. If he’s caught again, he will shed tears again. Lock him up in the guard room and throw the keys away! A very stewpeed fellow.”


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