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“Thought it was James Brown” – BBTitans’ winner, Khosi causes a buzz online as she rolls out new photos

bbtitans khosi new photos

Khosi Twala, the winner of the first-ever BBTitans show, has taken social media by storm with new photo shoots.

Just a week ago, the reality star emerged victorious in a 78-day-long show that featured 24 participants.

The reality star recently took to her Instagram page to share some photos of herself while tagging herself as a queen.

Khosi’s new photos however generated thousands of reactions, with many praising the quality of her shoots and others criticizing them as subpar.

Check out some of the pictures beneath:

See reactions trailing the photos below:

Donkormiriam2 wrote: “H*tred some of you have for this girl is not nice, is it jealousy?criticising her all the time as if she created herself, to me she is very beautiful with stunning body, don’t laugh at others because you think you are beautiful, anything can happen and your look can change as well so please let show compassion and empathy because it’s look like majority of you lack it✌️.”

_Iamola penned: “Yemi, oya take mic explain Wettin u see for this girl body Abi ur eyes are bad and you didn’t enter the house with your eye glasses cuz Koyemi.”

Blendzmakeupartistry wrote: “If not for anything, we appreciate God for Nigerian women…. We fine .”

_sweet__girl.__ wrote: “I thought it was James for a sec then I saw your caption and looked further beautiful ❤️”

Fabuloushairdo penned: “We need to give accolades to all the hairstylist and makeup artist in nigeria,they are doing wonders,nothing is giving here them come make khosi burewa like this ”

Tonia.gram_ noted: “Shoutout to all Nigerian stylist and makeup artists. Cause me I no know wetin South Africans do Khosi ”


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