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“Still wearing the same cloth” – Man behind viral ‘I Could’ve Killed A Lot’ sound shows face with son (Video)

I could have killed a lot man

A video making the rounds on social media captures the man behind the catchphrase, “I could have killed a lot” which is being used in skits and memes.

The phrase which went viral following a video of the man granting an epic interview is now being used as a voiceover in various skit videos. In the video, the man threatened to kill a lot if his son was treated badly, although what led to the statement is not yet known.

In the new video, the man could be seen winking at the camera while surrounded by a group of young men. A lad (whom he identified as his son) who held the camera filmed the man. He also appeared to be wearing the same polo he wore in the viral video.

Several viewers expressed their curiosity about the reason behind his famous catchphrase and what might have prompted him to make such a statement.

Watch the video below:


I could have kill a lot 😂 With my son @Okunka Miche ❤️ #icouldhavekillalot #icouldhavekillalotlot #icouldhavekillalotofpipo #fyp #foryourpage #trendingvoice #voiceover #voiceovers

♬ Icouldhave_killalot – Icouldhave_killalot

Reacting One eyes klose wrote: “His smile killed a lot today again.”

Monivomitta1 wrote: “Last last this man couldn’t kill a lot.”

___treasure wrote: “Who notice the same cloth.”

Talented wrote: “Lesson, don’t get gentle people angry.”

Kenny Richie wrote: “History said he is still wearing the same top.”

user2924138097923 wrote: “See the smile and eyebrown gesture.”

NBA_YOUNGALHAJI wrote: “Omo this man resemble me uncle for village.”


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