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“Someone’s wife, see how you’re showing your body” – May Edochie faulted over poolside video with friend

  • May Edochie spurs mixed comments from netizens over a video of her and a friend chilling near the pool.
  • The first wife of Yul Edochie in the video donned a sleeveless top with a black skirt, but some cybernauts still accused her of showing too much.
  • Applaud and backlash subsequently followed.

May Edochie, the first wife of Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has spurred reactions online due to a video of herself and her friend, Misiano at the poolside.

In the video recently posted on her Instagram page with almost 1 million followers, the mother of three could be seen in a black sleeveless top alongside a short skirt as she sat with her friend at the edge of the pool

The duo had fun while putting their bodies and products on full display.

May Edochie subsequently triggered a variety of reactions courtesy of the video as many had various things to say.

While some gushed and drooled over May Edochie’s lifestyle, others dragged her, stating that she was exposing her body.

Expressing resentment over the video, One the_dav_page wrote: “@mayyuledochie. You suppose to be someone’s wife. See the way ur showing your body. Instead of you to be praying to God so the juju they used for your husband to fail so he can return home to his family as a good woman suppose do. This is bad.”

ibrozedzed wrote: “We will be here to see where all these will lead to. Good luck as the latest single lady in town.”

dorisokere wrote: “May please enjoy your life, life na one not two. Don’t mind what people will say about it. I’m in your shoe I know what you’re going through, please make yourself very happy so you will not have BP. Incase you want to end up with another man please wash your eyes with soap very well and take your time and get your self a God fearing man that will love you and your children. I will son start my own to let him know am a beautiful woman too. I will prove to him his side chick is not beautiful than me. Enjoy yourself my beautiful QUEEN.”

chiamakanwokeukwu wrote: “Chai see glow my queen forever.”

beckyomon77 wrote: “Misiano bon straight human hair dey enter my eyes oooo❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Reports about May Edochie and Yul going their separate ways also dominated social media a few days back.

Watch the video below:


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