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“Since 2021, I never still make am for Europe” – Man laments bitterly as he shows off his dilapidated house (Video)


A Nigerian man identified as @mr.easytv who moved to Europe two years ago (2021), has posted a pitiable video on the video-sharing app, TikTok.

In the clip, he expressed his frustration at his inability to find decent accommodation and a means of livelihood after two years of living in Europe.

Despite his challenging situation, the man is determined to succeed and warns those who have ignored him in his current state to avoid him when he achieves success.

In his words:

“See am now see where I dey stay now. You dey see am now. See my hair see my beards. I never barb am. When I make am now them go say brother you forget me. See where I dey. Na Europe o. This is not Africa.

“When I make am now, una go say guy you forget me. As I dey here now, e get who remember me? You wey dey look me, you remember me? I’m suffering, sleeping inside this kind house, I no complain, I no call anybody say send me money. But if I dey enjoy una go call for me to send money. I go make am. Just give me one year. If I make am, make nobody call me.”

Watch the video below:


♬ I Will Pray – Ebuka Songs

The video has garnered significant attention, with many viewers empathizing with the man’s struggles and offering words of encouragement.


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