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“She has forgotten he is a man” – Video of Destiny Etiko and James Brown on boat cruise raises eyebrows

  • Destiny Etiko recently shared a video from her friend’s birthday celebration on a yacht.
  • The actress who clocked a new age on Saturday, 12th August enjoyed a boat cruise with James Brown and her friends.
  • Destiny and James Brown’s friendly gesture subsequently generated a buzz online.

Famous Nollywood actress and producer, Destiny Etiko and controversial crossdresser, continue to raise eyebrows and trigger reactions due to their cosy display.

In a recent video that emerged online from Destiny Etiko’s friend’s birthday boat cruise, Destiny Etiko was spotted wearing a white bikini in the company of her girls and James Brown who often join the ladies in their activities.

As they played and vibed together, Destiny Etiko and James Brown as usual got free with each other as they played like they weren’t opposite genders.

A video captured the moment James Brown put his head in between Destiny’s thighs while they had a good time.

Destiny Etiko on her part was also spotted gently spanking James Brown’s bum as he twerked and whined his waist.

Captioning the video, Destiny wrote:

“Partied so hard with my girls in the YATCH Still celebrating my girl’s BIRTHDAY @jaykneeeeephaaaaaar .”

Watch the video below:

The clip as expected generated a lot of reactions from fellow celebrities and fans who expressed their thoughts as regards Destiny Etiko and James Brown’s antics in recent times.

Check out some reactions beneath:


However, this is not the first time Destiny Etiko and James Brown have stirred a frenzy online due to their friendly display, a video of the moment the actress welcomed the crossdresser on the movie set also got tongues wagging a few days back.

In the clip, Destiny Etiko who was overjoyed to see James Brown hugged and played with the crossdresser in an unrestrained manner.

James Brown in the video advanced towards Destiny Etiko who in turn carried him up in excitement while giving a 360 turn. She subsequently dropped James Brown as they kept on exchanging warm pleasantries with the crossdresser portraying his usual feminine traits.


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