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“See Agbayas” – Tunde Ednut reacts as Kiriku makes money rain, fans scramble to pick (Video)

Kiriku tunde ednut money rain

A recent video of kid comedian, Kiriku showcasing benevolence has garnered considerable attention and sparked varied responses online.

The footage captures Kiriku’s interaction with his fans following his departure from signing an ambassadorial deal, where his popularity was being celebrated by fans.

In the video, Kiriku finds himself surrounded by enthusiastic fans who are eager to express their affection and admiration for him and his skits. Displaying a reciprocation of this love, Kiriku proceeds to make it rain money by throwing bills into the air from the roof of a car, much to the delight and excitement of his devoted followers.

An excited fan in the video could be heard hailing the kid by screaming, “Kiriku get level!!!” 

Sharing the video, blogger Tunde Ednut wrote:

“God is good sha! Na so this small boy, Kiriku don turn millionaire so Oo!

See Agbayas Leave the small boy alone. Kai…. God, he was only born in 2015. Rich Kid…”

Watch the video below:



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