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“People tagged me ‘mumu’ for following Nini, but are now praying for a Saga in their lives” – Saga speaks following proposal to Nini (Video)

saga nini relationship proposal mumu

During the season 6 Big Brother Naija show, social media users criticized reality star, Saga Adeolu for constantly flocking around Nini. However, the public was unaware that the pair’s affection for each other would deepen.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Saga opened up about his relationship with Nini and the backlash he received. Saga explained that his natural emotional disposition made him more drawn to Nini, and he did not perceive their closeness as anything unusual.

“It’s not like I committed any crime. I followed one woman, as it should be,” he said.

When asked about the public’s perception of him as a “mumu” for his attachment to Nini, Saga acknowledged his culpability.

He recounted an instance where he cried on camera after Nini went missing, instead of sobbing in private. Saga acknowledged that his actions fueled the public’s perception of him. He also revealed that he regrets not being more discreet about his emotions.

Speaking further, Saga avowed that all those who tagged him ‘Mumu’ are now praying for someone like him in their lives.

Bear in mind that a video of the moment Saga proposed to Nini went viral a few days back with netizens drooling and gushing over the duo’s love journey.

Saga also talked about losing his mom and how it affected him greatly.

Watch the interview below:


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