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“Oga na you gimme visa” – Isreal DMW goes down on his knees to appreciate Davido after arriving London (Video)

isreal dmw knees appreciates davido london

Isreal DMW, the logistics manager of music star Davido, was spotted paying respect and appreciating his boss upon his arrival in London. A video clip circulating on the internet shows Isreal DMW kneeling on the streets of London as he expresses his gratitude towards Davido.

Isreal DMW specifically thanked Davido for providing him with tickets to the UK and praised him for being a dependable helper.

The logistics manager’s gesture towards his boss showcases the respect and admiration he has for Davido, and highlights the importance of a good working relationship between an artist and their team.

The video has garnered attention on social media, with many fans and followers of Davido and Isreal DMW sharing their thoughts on the display of loyalty and respect.

It is clear that the bond between the two individuals extends beyond a professional working relationship, and that their friendship and support for each other are important aspects of their connection.

Isreal DMW was also spotted with his bell.

Watch the video below:



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