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Netizens react to new unconfirmed report about May Edochie processing divorce from Yul

Netizens react to new unconfirmed report about May Edochie processing divorce from Yul
  • An individual who maintained anonymity claims May Edochie is currently processing divorce from her husband, Yul Edochie.
  • The person who claimed to be a lawyer reached out to the controversial blogger, Gistlovers to give an eyewitness account.
  • The individual said he/she saw May Edochie in court in respect to divorce.

A cybernaut who pleaded anonymity has claimed that the first wife of Yul Edochie, May is currently processing her divorce.

Controversial blogger, Gistlovers shared a screenshot of the message it received in which the individual claimed to be a lawyer.

The anonymous individual averred that he/she saw May in court, adding that Yul Edochie has refused to be served the divorce papers.

The account reads:

“Please keep me anonymous, am a lawyer, I saw May yul Edochie in court today, she brought a petition for dissolution of marriage, but yet to serve the originating process to the Respondent, her lawyer said the Respondent (the husband) have refused to be served. I really pity for her, she wore black still mourning her son,  and also she is very beautiful calm and humble. Gosh I don’t know what else men want oh.”

See the post below:

The post however spurred a lot of comments from netizens, most of whom are in support of May Edochie.

One olayeni02 wrote: “No sane woman would see what Yul has been doing and still want to remain in that marriage. Even if there is an iota of resolution, his useless clout chasing and Judy is degrading and embarrassing. I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him.”

queensluxurystoree wrote: “Is the audacity to dictate what May should and shouldn’t do for me, while him and Jude be disgracing themselves on social media.”

bossbae_kamsy wrote: “God please answer this woman May and settle her she has cried enough and needs her peace for the sake of her other kids,this i pray in Jesus Christ name Amen .”

independent_essy wrote: “Any woman functioning against May Edochie shall never prosper in Jesus name. It will be back to the sender.”

smokelessc wrote: “To all the wicked women called side chick, ex and so on, who are on the verge of hurting other women in their marriage, you all shall never know peace, God of vengeance will locate you all in due timeAwòn oloriburuku de de.”

ukehsweet wrote: “Even the so-called peaceful polygamous homes become a home of hatred and jealousy once the man dies…”

In a similar development, Gistlovers also alleged that a court recently granted May Edochie full custody of her 3 children and their mansion in Ajah, Lagos.


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