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“Mercy Johnson isn’t her name” – Cameroonian woman claim to be actress’ mom, reveals her ‘real name and age’, insists on DNA test (Video)


A woman, bearing an striking resemblance to Mercy Johnson, a renowned Nigerian actress, has come forward to claim that she is the biological mother of the actress.

According to her, she entered into marriage with a Nigerian man from Kogi state and together they had three children. However, while she was pregnant with her fourth child, her mother arrived from Cameroon with distressing news about her father’s critical illness, urging her to bring her own children to see their grandfather before his passing.

The woman’s husband instructed her to take their youngest child with her, leaving Mercy Johnson and her elder brother, Martin Ngei, under the care of their father and another woman.

For more than three decades, she has tirelessly searched for her children, frequently traveling back and forth to Nigeria, but her efforts have been in vain.

Eventually, she located Mercy Johnson and approached her, sharing her story. In response, the actress requested a DNA test to verify the woman’s claims.

The woman agreed and went to the hospital, where she met with Mercy’s husband, Prince Okojie. However, to her disappointment, Mercy’s husband denied any knowledge of her and insisted that she was not the person he had paid the bride price to.

Clarifying her intentions, she assured Prince Okojie that she had no desire to take his wife away from him. Although he agreed to fund the DNA test, he requested that she cover her own expenses.

This request left the woman feeling humiliated, as she had already expended all her money on transportation costs to Nigeria.

Emphasizing her independence, she stressed that her motivation was not financial gain, as she had managed to sustain herself throughout the years.

Additionally, she disclosed that Mercy’s birth name is Ngei Magdalene and that she was born in 1982. Demonstrating her willingness to undergo the DNA test, she expressed her gratitude for Mercy’s invitation to Nigeria, but revealed her current struggles as she lacks a home there.

“I gave birth to her at a private hospital in Benue state. She is aware that I am her biological mother and she knows that Mercy Johnson is not her real name. In fact when I came to Nigeria she asked me what’s my real name and I told her,” the woman said.

Watch the video below:


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