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Lady causes stir over deep facial dimples (Video)

lady deep dimples video

Social media has been abuzz over viral photos of a Nigerian woman identified on TikTok as @Darasimi with deep facial dimples.

Her striking feature has garnered attention from netizens who are amazed by the depth of her dimples. The photos sparked a debate online, with some people adoring her facial feature and commenting on how beautiful it makes her look. However, some others were of the opinion that the dimples are too deep for her cheeks.

The woman was praised for her natural beauty and uniqueness, with some saying that her dimples add a charming touch to her face.

The photos were widely shared on different social media platforms, with users expressing their admiration for her facial feature and her stunning appearance, critics also argued that it’s fake but she insisted it is natural.

Reacting, One Deligh55 wrote: “Is this pothole or dimples? Too much for those cheeks if u ask me.”

official debs wrote: “please you don’t need to explain anything to anyone is not easy to have a dimple, but some people are blind tho can’t they see that is real!!!”

ImLaciKaySomers wrote: “they know it’s real….stressing people out is just their hubby”

Sandra_hiibe wrote: “I used to like dimples until I saw this.”

Jennifer wrote: “Hmm this is not nice o.”

Watch the compilation below:


Replying to @ezebuirohappiness life hard for blind people 😂#dara_smiles #teamsam🔥

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