Home Entertainment “Junior Pope is alive, transferred to hospital” – Eyewitnesses share video evidence

“Junior Pope is alive, transferred to hospital” – Eyewitnesses share video evidence

    • Nollywood actor, Junior Pope is still alive according to eyewitnesses.
    • Videos making rounds online capture the actor being resuscitated and taken to the hospital afterwards.
    • The update has left many jubilant.

    Nollywood actor, Junior Pope is reportedly not dead according to recent reports.

    Videos making the rounds online capture the moment he was revived by the crowd as they fanned him ceaselessly while the actor gasped for breath.

    Another clip shows the actor being carried by the crowd with people suggesting that he was being taken to the hospital.

    Check out the videos below:


    The news has left a lot of netizens excited and jubilant as the comment section was filled with cheerful remarks.

    One pastor_ce wrote:  “You heard the Name that they were calling right??? There is Power in the Name of Jesus so please stop commenting the names of all of these false idols that are man made… Jesus is the Only way!!!.”

    tarah_dulzurah wrote: “God in heaven. The creator of the whole universe. The king of Kings. May this be true. Amen.”

    therapist_roundtable wrote:  “The blogs should share this good news with the same energy too.”

    callme_marimar wrote: “FAITHFUL GOD! Let ALL THE GLORY BE TO YOU!!!!!! Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you!!!!!!! Uwese Baba!”

    blovie_ee wrote: “This is something they would have done immediately they found his body!!!
    Not gathering him and doing video ‍♀️.”

    ochanya_tina wrote: “He is fighting to stay alive for his kids, God please help him and save his life.”

    damnath_collections wrote:  “Miracle no dey tire Just…God I am thanking you on behalf of his wife and the Children…”

    tega_obahor wrote: “There are cars everywhere but they carrying him on the shoulder.. for goodness sake put this man in a car and drive him straight to the hospital ohh God.”


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