Home Entertainment “Jaruma is currently in rehab, always demanding intercourse” – Tosin Silverdam alleges

“Jaruma is currently in rehab, always demanding intercourse” – Tosin Silverdam alleges

  • Famous blogger and influencer, Tosin Silverdam, has urged the public to offer prayers for aphrodisiac entrepreneur Jaruma, as he claims she is presently in rehab due to substance abuse.
  • Silverdam shared this via his Instagram account, shedding light on the challenges faced by the self-proclaimed sex therapist. 
  • Additionally, Silverdam mentioned that a nurse at the institution disclosed that Jaruma frequently requests intercourse while in rehab.

Renowned blogger and influencer, Tosin Silverdam, has made a public call for prayers on behalf of Jaruma, a well-known aphrodisiac entrepreneur. Silverdam has alleged that she is presently undergoing rehabilitation for substance abuse.

In a recent Instagram post, the blogger shared additional details regarding the challenges being faced by the self-proclaimed sexual therapist.

According to Tosin Silverdam’s report, Jaruma is currently receiving treatment at a psychiatric facility in Abuja to address problems associated with substance abuse.

Moreover, he disclosed that a nurse working at the institution has revealed that Jaruma consistently expresses a demand for sex while in rehabilitation.

On his Twitter account, Tosin Silverdam posted the following message:

“Please let’s continue to put Jaruma in our prayers, she’s allegedly in rehab in Karu, Abuja for substance abuse. One of the psychiatric nurse taking care of her claims she’s also always demanding for sex. It is well… Let’s just pray for her”

See the post below:

Reacting, One _rissa_00 wrote: “That psychiatric nurse should lose her job.”

41.659365 wrote: “The psychiatric Nurse shouldn’t v disclose such information cos that’s breech of confidentiality and it’s against ethical conduct of Nurses.”

iamlayo wrote: “I saw in a movie that there is always repercussions for selling kayamata. I hope the movie producer is not right.”

__espersen__ wrote: “Psychiatric Nurse said so? She isn’t a professional!!! Breech of Confidentiality!!”

an_na_bella11 wrote: “Always demanding for se..x took me out.”

carphy_flinks wrote: “We are busy praying for Mohbad and Nigeria we no fit out this one too,our head don full.”


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