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“If it’s her father, she’d have shouted it repeatedly” – Mercy Johnson vents after forcing daughter, Purity to say ‘I love you mom’ (Video)

  • Mercy Johnson shared a cute video of a mother-and-daughter moment between her and her child, Purity.
  • In the video, Mercy Johnson is seen kissing her daughter while professing love for her.
  • Purity who didn’t reciprocate was forced by her mom who urged her to return the sweet words which she did.

Notable movie star, Mercy Johnson Okojie recently shared a cute mother-and-daughter video of her and her first child, Purity.

In the video, Mercy Johnson is seen kissing her daughter on the face as she repeated the statement ‘I love you’.

Purity on her part kept calm despite the sweet words as she simply giggled. Mercy Johnson who was obviously disappointed had to tell her to reciprocate which she reluctantly did.

The actress went on to tell her daughter that she owes her, reminding her of how she underwent 6 hours of labour before she was born.

Watch the video below:

Gushing over the video, an IG user identified as @officialkingstephanie wrote:

“This is me….oh how I do sound and resound this I love you words to my kids. It makes them so confident and whole❤️❤️❤️ “

In response, Mercy Johnson hinted at how her daughter would have reacted if it were her dad that professed love to her in such an adorable manner.

She wrote:

“@officialkingstephanie if its her dad now,you will hear her shouting love you daddy like 100 times…e nor answer me sef”

See the screenshot below:

In related news, Mercy Johnson Okojie, playfully expressed her feelings of jealousy over the strong bond between her husband, Prince Odi Okojie, and their first daughter, Purity.

Prince Odi Okojie, a politician, took to his Instagram page to share heartwarming photos of his daughter’s special visit to his new office at the National Assembly. The pictures captured the loving interaction between the proud father and his 10-year-old daughter, Purity as he permitted her to sit on his seat.

Seeing the special treatment her daughter received from her father left Mercy Johnson feeling a tad envious but in a light-hearted manner.

She referred to Purity as “Daddy’s Girl” while teasingly complaining about some playful favouritism happening in their home.

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