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“I use it to rub my face” – Aunty Ramota defends self after being questioned over ‘protection’ found in her bag (Video)

aunty ramota with condom

Comic Yoruba actress, Aunty Ramota vehemently defended herself after a condom was found in her bag by a lady.

In the video, the lady who was shocked to see the pack of protection in the diminutive actress’s bag asked her what it was and she responded in Yoruba language.

She claimed that she uses it to rub her face which marvelled the lady who queried her.

Check out their convo below:

Lady: “What is this?”

Aunty Ramota: “Condom; I use it for rubbing my face”

Lady:  “Eh … rub your face? Where did you get it?”

Aunty Ramota: “I got it at the health centre when I went for COVID.”

Lady: “What do you use it for?”

Aunty Ramota: “For rubbing my face; they use it for rubbing the face.”

Watch the video below:



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