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“I thought he said he’s a gospel singer” – Leaked love messages of Spyro to longtime crush triggers reactions

  • Talented singer, Spyro slid into the DM of his longtime crush, Meegan Good to profess his love for her.
  • In the chat, he dropped his contact, requesting that she gets back to him so they can link up.
  • The ‘Who Is Your Guy’ hitmaker’s bold move subsequently got a lot of people talking.

The internet has been buzzing over a leaked conversation of Nigerian singer Spyro, where he openly professed his love for his longtime crush. The recipient of his affection happens to be none other than American actress Meagan Monique Good.

In the private chat, Spyro fearlessly expressed his heartfelt emotions to Meagan. While acknowledging the age disparity between them, he boldly declared that age is merely a trivial factor and that he is the epitome of a “complete package” that Meagan should not overlook.

In an intriguing twist, Spyro went on to propose a unique idea. He suggests that if they were to be together, he would willingly adopt Meagan’s surname instead of her taking his.

From the screenshots shared, one could observe that Spyro had messaged Meagan in 2021, when he hadn’t attained stardom, promising to meet her one day.

Sharing the chats, Tunde Ednut wrote:

“What’s going on here @spyro__official
Meagan look at what you have done to my brother
Funny enough she fit con reply make dem date o if she hear this song o Abi what do you think .”

See below:


Spyro’s bold approach however spurred a range of comments from Instagram users who chipped in their thoughts.

One @thevanesaonly wrote: “This Spyro no go rest now I thought he said he’s a gospel singer wat is he doing in a woman’s dm.”

itisbobby wrote: “As una Dey crush and Dey kee unaselves for Spyro dm , himself Dey crush and kee himself for another person dm .”

carphy_flinks wrote: “This life no balance Walahi,I’m sure plenty girls dae Spyro dm too wae him no reply….naso i dae Ighalo dm since 2019.”

unusual_jessie_ wrote: “Be like Don jazzy never tell you Wetin Rihanna do am.”

premiumgists wrote: “This is your reminder that “your crush has a crush” life’s tuff.”

happiness.igbinosa1 wrote: “Spyro is into BIG THINGSAsk Don Jazzy Afar for Rihanna.”


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