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“I knew something was eating him up” – Man shares video of late Brymo Uchegbu looking worried


A TikTok user identified as @de_b3rry recently uploaded a rare video showing the late Don Brymo Uchegbu prior to his passing.

In the video, which was captured just a few days before Uchegbu’s demise, the actor seemed to be grappling with inner turmoil. He wandered around a spacious compound, appearing deep in thought. At one moment, he sat on the ground, seemingly lost in contemplation.

The poster expressed his awareness of Uchegbu’s internal struggles, stating,

“I took this video of him days ago. I knew something was really eating him up but he couldn’t bear it.”

Watch the clip below:


The video quickly gained a lot of engagement on social media, with numerous fans of the actor sharing messages of condolence and mourning his loss.

Don Brymo Uchegbu was a highly regarded figure in the Nigerian film industry, having made appearances in numerous Nollywood movies.

Reacting, One @Mma Anabel wrote: “I also posted my last movie with him on my page, he wasn’t okay but i asked him he said it’s just sickness thankGod we came with first aid that day.”

@ProsperSilva1 wrote: “Rip Don Brymo….you are a legend in the Nollywood and I enjoyed watching you, May God have mercy on your soul.”

@Vibeonvibe wrote: “To me this man doesn’t have any wealth, maybe that was the reason why he was thinking so hard.”

@comrade419 wrote: “All was just looking at all his assets and how successful he was, he knew that he would leave it soon. this is deep, rip to him.”

@IGBOTIC-NWAOKOROBIA wrote: “Make una no Dey use dead person pursue likes.. you didn’t know anything was disturbing him.. rest!”

@josephimara801 wrote: “Sometimes in order to achieve greatness and fame you gat to do some unimaginable things Rip.”

@chiderah peter ebechina  wrote: “I was in swimming pool when he entered the hotel that day, I walked up to him and told him how much I enjoyed his movie Rip to him.”

@Queen Shiba wrote: “U should have walked up to him and ask him what’s wrong, rip sir what a small world.”


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